Eastern Bell closes the first USD fund at $365 million


It is reported that Eastern Bell has closed the first USD fund at $365 million. The new dollar fund will continue its thematic investment of supply chain +, which Eastern Bell has invested successfully for the past 10 years through its renminbi funds, focusing on logistics, supply chain, retail &brand and data technology.


Eastern Bell obtained instrumental support from many top-tier investors in raising this dollar fund, including first-class global sovereign wealth funds, insurance funds, FOFs, family offices and top industry strategic funds etc.


It is worth noting that this is the first dollar fund raised by Eastern Bell since its inception ten years ago. It is an important stride for Eastern Bell to leap from single-currency fund to dual-currency fund. To date, the total AUM of Eastern Bell has exceeded USD 1.9 billion.


Public information showed that Eastern Bell’s renminbi funds also pooled with top-tier investors. When talking about why chose to raise the dollar fund at this time, Li YAN, the founding partner and president of Eastern Bell, said that, the Chinese economy has gradually stepped into the stable-growth stage from a high speed pace, and choosing to raise the dollar fund at this time is an important strategic decision of Eastern Bell. On one side, the capital globalization has become a trend and it is increasingly salient that it is very important for Eastern Bell to partner with best global investors; on the other hand, the allocation of dollar fund will further extend the investment field of Eastern Bell and help our portfolio companies explore new exit way overseas, thus allowing Eastern Bell to fuel the growth of best entrepreneurs and jointly upgrade the industrial efficiency in China.


Eastern Bell said the dollar fundraising is largely attributable to the continuous trust and confidence from global top investment institutions, which is based on common belief of both sides in long-term driven investment and is also recognition of the industry insights, decision-making approach, as well as the longtime ecosystem and historical performance of Eastern Bell. Eastern Bell has always paid close attention to build an ecosystem and advocate long-term collaboration, mutual empowerment and shared growth. Eastern Bell believes this fundraising will further expand the investment domain of Eastern Bell and exploit new ecological and collaborative opportunities.  


Eastern Bell is the most influential investment institution in the fields of logistics and supply chain nationally, currently mainly focused on logistics & supply chain, retail &brand, B2B corporate services and technology. Public data shows that Eastern Bell has invested in over 150 companies since its inception nearly ten years ago and achieved remarkable success, including Deppon Express603056, JD LogisticsJD, M&G(603899) Chenguang Stationery, G7, Hive Box, YJYJ), HuolalaLalamove, Manbang, KY Express, Aikucun, ZKH, Xingsheng Youxuan, Yipin Shengxian, among other well-known companies in different industries.